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VeleGo Terms of Service.

Thanks for visiting our site (hereinafter VeleGo) and getting known with its Terms of Service (hereinafter Terms). Visiting VeleGo and using its services, you thereby agree with its Terms of confidentiality and its Privacy Policy . If you are not agree with a policy of confidentiality and Terms, we ask you not to visit this site and not to use its services .
VeleGo`s administration has the right to change the policy of confidentiality and/or the Terms if necessary.

If you refuse to fulfill the Terms or any changes - please leave VeleGo.
  • It's up to user to get acquainted with the latest edition of a policy of confidentiality and Terms being sent to him via e-mail or not.
  • When you register on VeleGo, you undertake:
    1. To enter necessary data correctly.
    2. To be aware of the safety of your login and password.
    3. Being registered on VeleGo or one of its partner sites (Resellers) you officially confirm that you have read, understood and agree to fulfill the Terms of the present agreement.
  • Registration of domain names, SSL, services e.t.c:
    1. When registrating domain names, SSL, services e.t.c, there are sometimes additional terms, the infringement of which automatically means the infringement of the present agreement.
    2. Resellers and persons who register domains to the third parties agree that all rights belong to customer, and they will not claim for it.
    3. The user must pay for paid services and domain prolongation in time. "VeleGo`s administration does not bear responsibility for loss of domains or other data and services."
  • Site/s сreation:
    1. When creating a site you must read and accept the additional agreement on resellers site, which is about how to use the created site/sites and how to register domains.
    2. It is forbidden to use VeleGo for purpose of gathering e-mail addresses and/or other data for automatic or other way of dispatch of not requested mail (spam).
    3. It is forbidden to use VeleGo or its separate modules or services in any illegal way (by means of scripts or else).
    4. When creating a site/sites in VeleGo you undertake not to use the site/sites in self-serving purposes, and to operate in accordance with your local legislation.
  • VeleGo`s administration has the right to delete or ban any account/IP.


If you have any questions or wishes, please contact us: